Oceans Beaches

The Bay of Plenty & Coromandel have an abundance of beautiful beaches – from secluded rock & tree lined coves to vast white sand beaches bordered by sear cliff faces or rolling sand dunes & tussock. If a ceremony by the sea is what you’re after, you are sure to find just the right spot.

Most of these areas are public spaces (unless they are on private land) & you are freely able to use & enjoy them for your ceremony.  Just remember that these are public spaces – whilst most people will be respectful of your gathering, you cannot exclude them from entering the area surrounding your ceremonial space.  Pick your spot & / or pick your time, so there is less chance that the area will be busy, or in use for another event.

Mt Maunganui

Mt Maunganui Main Beach

Very popular with Kiwi & international travellers, Mount Maunganui Beach has a multitude of beach & grass reserve areas ideal for wedding ceremonies.  From small rocky coves at the foot of Mount Mauao, to the vast stretch of beach all the way down to Papamoa – there’s a patch with your name on it.  The Mount shopping village is delightful, boasting dozens of cafes restaurants & bars.  There are many accommodation choices, from just the basics motor camp cabins, to absolute beach-front luxury houses & high-rise apartments – the Mount has it all.  Main-beach is tranquil at dawn & provides an ideal spot for a beautiful sunrise ceremony.

Pilot Bay & Mauao Beaches

On the inner harbour side of Mount Maunganui peninsula, is the tranquil, beauty of Pilot Bay.  Lined with mature Norfolk Pines, this harbourside beach offers a bit more shelter if the Main Beach side is a bit busy or windy.  The full walk around the Mt takes about 45 – 50 minutes.  Within just 5 – 10 minutes form the Pilot Bay starting point there is a small stone jetty & several lovely little coves, bays & beaches, each an ideal location for small gatherings.


Papamoa Beach

There’s a lot of beach between the Mount & Papamoa.  Lot’s of space to set up an intimate beachside ceremony.  There are beachfront BnBs, batches & luxury houses available for rent all the way along the beach.  A beautiful spot for a sunrise walk on the beach before the ceremony.

Maketu Beach

Maketu, a small Eastern Bay village about 30 minutes from Tauranga, with a beautiful estuary & a fabulous, feature packed beach, is also rich in ancestral Maori culture.  Just a short stroll down the beach you will find yourself almost entirely alone on a long, sandy beach, heavily strewn with large & small rocks of striking colours, cliff faces & a large sheltered pool at low tide.  Hilltop & beach front holiday camp cabin rentals are available here.


Newdicks Beach

If you’re after raw, untouched coastal beauty, Newdicks Beach on the other side of the Maketu Peninsular is a real treat.  Even more secluded, this beautiful beach features white sand, rocks on the beach & dramatic cliffs.  Newdicks Beach is only accessible via a  private private road, for which there is a $5 per car fee.  There are no amenities here, just gorgeously, unspoiled beach, ocean & plenty of fresh sea air.  Quirky Woods BnB is just 10 minutes’ walk from Newdicks Beach. 

Pukhina Beach

Pukehina is a small, relaxed & unpretentious village just 35 minutes from Tauranga airport.  With a long, sweeping, white sand, ocean beach on one side & a sheltered estuary on the other.  There are beachfront BnBs, batches & houses available for rent all the way along the beach & estuary.  Some are ideal locations for a small ceremony, or pick a spot on the beach or the Dotterel Point estuary reserve.


Waihi Beach

Waihi Beach is bustling beachside village of boutique shops & eateries, set alongside a 9km stretch of inviting white sand, rolling surf beach.  If your ideal honeymoon is catching some waves on one of New Zealand’s safest surf beaches, or walking a beautiful coastal track to hidden gem coves & panoramic vistas, then Waihi Beach could be the ticket.  There are loads of BnB, batch or house rental options here.

Bowentown Beach

At one end of this 9-kilometre-long beach Waihi Beach, at the other is Bowentown.  There’s not much here but the wild beauty of the ocean beach & shelters tranquillity of ANZAC Bay – oh, & the Bowentown Beach Holiday Park featuring lovely cabins or these super funky Kombi Cabins

Whakatane Inlet

Whakatane Inlet

Only a few minutes from town, the inlet is picturesque & dramatic – cliff faces, rocks, sheltered pools & crashing waves.  Watched over by the Wairaka statue, also known as the Lady of the Rock, the inlet is a unique spot, tranquil during good weather – especially in the morning & evening.

Ohope Beach

From the sheltered west end cove to the wide open expanse of sea, sand & dunes in the east, Ohope has a lot to offer those looking for a beach getaway.  There’s lots of beach, so finding the right spot, outside of holiday times, won’t be difficult.  There are loads of BnB, batch, house or apartment rental options here.

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Ohiwa Harbour

On the opposite side of the Ohope peninsular is Ohiwa harbour.  Tranquil & pretty, there are several places for intimate gatherings & a large reserve at the eastern end if you’re expecting a large crowd in for a post ceremony BBQ or picnic.

Otarawairere Beach

Otarawairere is a hidden jewel of the Whakatane-Ohope area. This secluded beach is accessible only on foot – a 15-minute walk from West End in Ohope during low tide, but the trip is definitely worth the effort. Pohutukawa trees loom over a beach of stone & crushed seashells, while the warm waters of the Pacific lap quietly against the shore, creating an unrivaled, peaceful atmosphere.